AWID is currently working with a movement-informed Accessibility Committee to ensure that the logistics to the programming of the Forum are as accessible as possible. The Committee has already conducted an accessibility audit of the Forum venue, surrounding hotels, transportation, and languages available for on-site interpretation.

Covid-19 Protocols at the AWID Forum

AWID is committed to minimizing the Covid risks associated with large gatherings and will be prioritizing the safety of Forum participants, onsite workers, and the wider communities of Bangkok and Thailand. This commitment reflects our values of feminist care, disability justice, anti-colonialism, accessibility, and worker solidarity.

While Covid regulations may be easing around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to present serious threats to health and safety. In addition to being a leading cause of death, even mild cases of Covid can result in long-term effects and disablement. The risk is especially high for vulnerable communities in the Global South, people with disabilities, those who are immunocompromised, and those at the intersections of multiple oppressions.

Large in-person gatherings inevitably carry some level of risk and we will implement a multi-layered set of measures to minimize transmission and ensure a safer and more accessible space. These measures will include:

  • Free onsite Covid testing for all participants, with negative results required for entry
  • Isolation guidelines for anyone testing positive
  • Use of an in-built air filtration system in operation at the venue
  • Mandatory usage of high-quality masks provided by AWID for all participants (unless medically exempt)

Please be aware that in registering for the AWID Forum, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, which includes following the Covid safety protocol, including masking (unless medically exempt) and providing proof of negative test.

More in-depth information on the Covid protocol will be released in the coming weeks.